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“A goldmine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it.”
- Mark Twain

As the 2nd gold rush is getting under way around the world, you will see and hear more and more about new penny mining stocks showing up like ants at an outdoor picnic, with many proclaiming some sort of exploding profit potential.  However as Doug Casey’s “The 8 Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation” points out, 95% to 99% of all properties controlled by mining companies will never become producing mines.  Unfortunately a great deal of novice investors in this sector will get caught up in the hype and lose big when many of these bogus claims come to terms with reality.

Why Trading Cards for Gold & Silver Junior Mining Stocks?

To Minimize RiskUnfortunately we can not believe everything we see and hear about gold claims as pointed out by Mark Twain.  You want to find and invest in reputable undervalued companies with real profit potential instead of falling into one of these holes in the ground so eloquently pointed out by Mark Twain. Personally, I don’t believe the majority of people are lying about their mining operations although enough of them do. Getting a profitable mine into production is very difficult and involves all sorts of risk, many of which can not be known in advance.  So even the junior mining companies with the best of intentions might still fail because of some unforeseen mishap that eventually brings their mining operation to a halt.

My gold & silver penny mining stock trading cards provide a detailed analysis of select junior mining stocks. Each trading card gives a snapshot of the information that is mostly likely to affect a trading decision for a given junior mining stock.  Most analyst in this sector like many of the junior mining companies they research, are great at hyping up the investment potential, but fall short on discussing the risk.  Isn’t it equally important to know the risk involved as well?  Each trading card also has a risk section high lighting the perceived risk associated with investing in that particular junior mining company.  This way, the profit potential is weighed against the risk accordingly.

To Prioritize OpportunitiesAfter we have done due diligence and filtered out the junior mining stocks with real profit potential from the ones just holding fool’s gold, how do we know which gold & silver mining stocks to invest in first?  Unless you have unlimited funds to invest everything you want, then you might want to focus on the undervalued companies ready to take off sooner than later. Each trading card has a time frame section describing when some positive price movement in the junior stock can be expected.  Since I only have about 100 years or so to live, I would like to get something out of my silver & gold mining shares as soon as possible.

To Pick the Biggest Winners - We also want the junior mining stocks that will give us the highest return on our investment.  This may all sound like one tall order…. that’s because it is.  If anyone tells you picking good junior mining companies is an easy thing to do, then you need to put on your best pair of running shoes and get to running as far as you can away from them. Often you will find that the greater the profit potential the greater the risk.  So we have to find a balance point between the two.  Each trading card includes a profit potential section indicating the profit  or return we can expect to make.

To Save Valuable Time - Researching penny mining stocks can be frustrating and very time-consuming.  With so many undervaluedparalysis-of-analysis companies to consider combined with so much data to analyze per company,  combined with risk vs reward scenarios, market variables, etc., you could end up like the guy pictured on the right! Yikes!

Who wants to be this guy who spent all of his time analyzing mountains of data only to come to some sort of a conclusion when it was too late to act on it? Not me.

It is quite easy to reach this state of  ”paralysis by analysis”  where you can’t decide what to do unless you get more data which takes more time and often brings about more confusion instead of more clarity. While researching junior mining stocks for my gold stock investing purposes, I wanted a brief/concise, understandable, and workable approach to evaluating junior mining stocks. I started with a spreadsheet full data and variables which eventually over time, evolved into this concept of trading cards.  I also wanted to leverage trading tips and best practices for profitable trading in the junior mining stock sector I have learned along the way. Lastly, I thought it would be great to share my findings with others.

You can find a list of my gold & silver trading cards by clicking here or always looking in the “Junior Stock Trading Cards” categories right hand column of this website.

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