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GoldMoney.com Review

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[Updated 10/11/2011] There are only about a handful of trustworthy bullion custodial companies that have been time tested and have proved to be worthy of storing precious metals on behalf of their customers. GoldMoney.com is one of them.

What is GoldMoney.com?

GoldMoney.com is primarily a bullion custodial company that buys and stores physical precious metals on behalf of its customers. With GoldMoney.com you always own your metals, so they belong only to you and no one else can lay claim to your metals. GoldMoney.com is just a custodian of your holding account.

From a customer perspective, they work very much like a bank, however they are not associated or connected with the banking industry. With GoldMonye.com you can economically and conveniently own/buy/sell precious metals like having an online banking and metals trading account in one. Your metal holdings are also insured by the Lloyds of London.

They have been in business since 2001. Their vaults located in Zurich, London, and now Hong Kong are safe, secure, insured, and third-party audited!

Transactions as fast and liquid,  you can even make instant payments from account to account.  Account holders can take delivery of their metals at anytime without restrictions or limitations. You can even buy gold in a SIPP (UK) or  buy gold and silver in an IRA (USA).

Why Use GoldMoney.com?

You can see my reasons for using trusted bullion companies here. My main concern with holding physical gold or silver is having a single point of failure. For example, if you were to keep all of your metals at home and at some point a thief breaks in and steals it or the government decides to confiscate gold again. You could be wiped out financially. This is known as a single point of failure.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to buy and hold physical gold & silver is with a trusted and audited bullion storage company like GoldMoney.com. For those of you that are interested in platinum, they also allow you to purchase it too.

There is no minimum purchasing requirements and you can buy your precious metals at just a little bit over spot price. Their storage fees are also very reasonable as it includes insurance on your metals.

Who Recommends GoldMoney.com?

GoldMoney.com is highly recommended by many respectable figures in the gold & silver community. Even its founder, James Turk, is a very well-known and widely respected person in the industry and co-author of book, The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It: Make a Fortune by Investing in Gold and Other Hard Assets.

Below are some notable recommendations:

“There are also several places to buy gold on the Internet, and even several that offer storage programs. In general, I would be very reluctant to trust most storage programs, but one exception is GoldMoney.com, founded by James Turk, a longtime gold advocate and widely respected figure. Investors and shareholders of GoldMoney include two publicly traded gold mining companies” -Peter Schiff

  • Peter Schiff also recommends GoldMoney.com in his book, “Crash Proof“, on page 228.
  • Recommended by Billionaire Eric Sprot, John Embry, Doug Casey, and Trace Mayer.
  • Publicly traded IAMGOLD is share holder of GoldMoney.com and even offers investors the ability to receive dividend payments via GoldMoney.com.

In addition, I also personally use GoldMoney.com for my online gold and silver storage. As of this writing, GoldMoney has been entrusted to store over US $855 million $1 billion dollars worth of precious metals on behalf of people around the world!

How To Get An Account with GoldMoney.com?

“You can easily sign up for a GoldMoney Holding online. It takes only about 10-15 minutes and customers who live in Canada, the USA, UK and 26 other “fast-tracked” countries can complete the entire process online, with no paperwork to complete before you can begin buying gold, silver and platinum.” It’s free to open up an account and money can be deposited into your account within 24 hours.

If you are considering using a trustworthy, reliable, and secure storage facility, then GoldMoney.com is among the best around. GoldMoney meets my standards and have added them as an affiliate. So I would greatly appreciate if you would consider using one of my links to visit their website.

Please see GoldMoney.com ‘s website for current pricing info and storage fees.

This concludes my GoldMoney.com review.

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  1. May 4th, 2011 at 18:53 | #1

    A must read article, and must watch video, both explain why EVERY American should be loading up on PHYSICAL SILVER:

    1) The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield

    2) Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver

    Physical silver will continue to outperform gold over the next decade. Physical silver is a better investment than gold, long-term. Buy 1 oz. silver bullion coins/rounds, and 10 oz. bars/ingots, for prices closest to ‘spot’. If possible, pay cash, through a local bullion dealer. If there are none in your area, you may safely buy silver bullion online. I personally have had great success/prices/service, from all the following:

    1) Golden Eagle Coin & Jewelry
    2) Scottsdale Silver
    3) Quality Silver Bullion
    4) Lynn Coins

    You may also wish to compare prices with any or all of the following:

    1) Provident Metals
    2) Monarch Precious Metals
    3) APMEX

    I store my PHYSICAL SILVER in a safe-deposit box, at my local bank. I pay a $15 annual fee. If you cannot afford a high-end home safe, or do not have property on which to bury your physical silver – a safe deposit box at your local bank vault – is the safest option.

  2. Jake
    October 9th, 2011 at 04:02 | #2

    Huh, that’s funny, as I actually HAVE “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver“ by Michael Maloney. A quick look at page 192 shows that yes he does say he uses an online bullion trading company, but nowhere in the book (not there, not elsewhere) does he say which one. Error!

    • goldstockmania
      October 11th, 2011 at 07:51 | #3

      Thanks Jake… corrected.

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